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DevSecOps in a few words

When we talk about DevOps we can split up “what doing DevOps is?” into three core buckets; namely, the DevOps Technologies, the DevOps Methodologies, and the DevOps Shared Ownership. The Technologies refer to containers, cloud, and open source libraries etc., the Methodologies refer to micro services, continuous integration etc., and last but not the least the Shared Ownership means breaking the barriers and not just throwing stuff over the wall. Using the above trio as foundation, we can comprehend DevSecOps as Securing DevOps Technologies, embedding Security in DevOps Methodologies, and including Security in DevOps Shared Ownership.

About the training

The training features various methodologies and demonstrates the tools which make the foundation of DevSecOps. This training is suitable for everyone who is involved in different stages of Software Development Life Cycle; however, basic knowledge of security e.g., OWASP Top 10 is necessary. The training includes activities, real world scenarios, demos (and optional hands-on exercises) to ensure maximum engagement and learning. The training is aligned with the DevSecOps professional certification track.

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