Power Bi Financial Dashboard Training

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a cloud-based business analysis and intelligence service by Microsoft. It is a collection of business intelligence and data visualization tools such as software services, apps and data connectors. We can use the datasets imported in Power BI for data visualization and analysis by making sharable reports, dashboards, and apps. Power BI is a user-friendly tool offering impressive drag-and-drop features and self-service capabilities.

Financial Dashboard Power Bi

In Power BI, a financial dashboard is a visual representation of a company's most important financial metrics and data. Users can easily and quickly view their company's financial performance, including revenue, expenses, profitability, and cash flow. To aid users in comprehending the data and making wise decisions, the dashboard may contain a variety of graphs, tables, and charts. Sales, net income, operating expenses, gross margin, and return on investment are a few examples of financial metrics that could be displayed on a Power BI financial dashboard. It is also possible to modify the dashboard to include particular financial information that is crucial to the company. Overall, a financial dashboard in Power BI is a crucial tool for managing and keeping track of a company's financial health

Power BI Course Objectives:

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of interactive data visualization business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization.


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